Volvo FH – the ultimate long haul experience

For life lived out on the road, you’ll want a truck that keeps you safe and comfortable over the longest stretches. The Volvo FH is a long haul icon that optimises your uptime and fuel efficiency, and offers an outstanding driver environment. The new Volvo FH is, simply put, better in every way.

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Get the most out of your fuel

Power tailored for your assignment

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The next step in evolution

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Quick Volvo FH facts

Engine outputs: 400–520 hp
Five cab sizes
Diesel and LNG
Tractor or rigid truck
Detailed info in specifications

Customised for your productivity

A chassis made for your work

Wide range of services

Get even more out of your operation

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Volvo FH cab options

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What do people say about the Volvo FH?

We bought our first Volvo trucks at the beginning of the eighties – two Volvo trucks that I drove myself. We chose Volvo because of the high quality and we are very happy with the trucks’ performance. Volvo is now part of our tradition.

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Volvo FH FAQ

Most of our customers working in long haul transport choose Volvo FH.But it’s popular for timber and construction transport too. The Volvo FH is an excellent choice for demanding assignments where you need a strong powertrain and appreciate a spacious and comfortable cab.

If you want to, you can get your Volvo FH with a sturdy tandem drive bogie. It offers a great combination of load capacity, traction and fuel efficiency –especially with the Tandem Axle Lift. It will take you far in tough conditions. However, if you really need a driven front axle, we recommend that you look closer at the Volvo FMX.

It depends on how tall you are. Our Globetrotter cab offers a maximum standing height of 205 cm, but if you prioritise space you should opt for the Globetrotter XL or the Globetrotter XXL cab. They both offer a standing height of 220 cm. The latter offers a wider bed and is our most spacious choice.

Comfortable. You’ll have plenty of space, a comfortable bed and a pleasant climate regardless of the outdoor temperature. Even if you use lots of power-consuming equipment, there’s no need to worry about the battery status the morning after since you can get your Volvo FH with dual batteries and separate circuits for living functions and the engine.

Yes you can! Beyond diesel, we offer two engines that can run on liquefied natural gas or biogas (LNG), which will reduce your environmental footprint considerably.


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