Drivers we have interacted with over the years have always commented how cars and bikes cut in front of them on the roads, not knowing that the truck drivers are unable to see them due to BLIND SPOTS. On FB, there are many discussions amongst the drivers on this topic

When an accident happens, trucks drivers are always blamed.

We have decided to champion this cause called

‘Know your Blind Spots’ campaign

We aim to:

  • We aim to influence attitudes e.g. by informing about rules, safe driving knowledge and explaining consequences of risky behaviors
  • Get truck drivers to notice other road users on the road by thinking more about the person walking, cycling and riding the motorcycle or driving the car
  • Get other road users like motorcyclists, pedestrians or cyclists to take steps to manage and reduce their own personal risk. To understand the BLIND SPOTS on a truck.


Areas where truck driver can’t see are called BLIND SPOTS

BLIND SPOTS are located in the FRONT, SIDE and BACK of trucks.

Side: Even with large side-view mirrors, truck drivers can’t see everything around them.

Rear: If you can’t see the driver’s face in the rear view mirror, he can’t see you as well because there is a trailer blocking his view.

Front: Generally, a truck driver is unable to see up to 5m in front of them. Cutting in front of a truck may be the last mistake you ever made. At 100kmh, it takes the length of about two football fields (525 feet) for a truck to come to a complete stop. The heavier the load, the longer it takes to stop.

This applies to many brands of trucks (old and new). With this in mind, Volvo Trucks created extraordinary side mirrors that reduce BLIND SPOTS significantly when the new trucks were introduced in 2013. Check them out for yourself.

The most obvious BLIND SPOTS are circled in RED.

The circle in GREEN are the safest locations as the truck driver is able to see most clearly.

Below are more illustrations on possible Blind Spot locations around a truck. The areas highlighted in red are potential Blind Spots.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia together with our partners MIROS, JPJ and SPAD, we are always looking for long-term collaborators and locations to run this program with.

If you are interested, please do call us at 03-5510 3300 and ask for the Marketing Department.

In August 2016, Volvo Trucks Malaysia together with Lafarge Malaysia organized a Safety Day in MAEPS, Serdang. We showcased both the ‘Know Your Blind Spots’ and ‘Stop, Look, Wave’ campaign to all the Lafarge personnel, drivers as well as their families. Here is what went on.