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Breaking new ground

At the Brønnøy Kalk mine in Norway, autonomous Volvo FH trucks are being tested, transporting limestone along a five-kilometre stretch. This is Volvo Trucks’ first autonomous solution in real operation. The aim is to greatly improve the mine’s ...

Master of the forest

He was runner-up at this year’s Volvo Driver Challenge World Final and is a real master at fuel-efficient driving. Timber truck driver and owner Bert ‘Knatte’ Johansson knows how to get the most out of every drop – and his Volvo trucks. ...

Electric transition made easy

Electric trucks are about more than batteries and charging stations – they can help improve working conditions for drivers and increase profits for transport companies. Three Volvo Trucks experts help navigate an electric future. ...

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25 Volvo FH Heroes

The Volvo FH is the truck of the drivers. But before it reaches the driver, it passes the minds and hands of a vast number of passionate employees. 
Here are 25 of the heroes working hard to make every Volvo FH contribute to your ...

Safety as a cost saver

Volvo FH, one of the world’s safest trucks, is an innovation leader in high quality safety features. Together with the driver’s conscious safety mindset, investing in safety features can contribute to cost savings for transport companies. We met Carl ...

Generations meet at Volvo’s engine plant in Skövde

She was not even born when the first Volvo FH was launched in 1993.
He had been on the assembly line for years at the same point in time.
Meet Nesma and Daniel, now colleagues at the Volvo engine plant in ­Skövde where the important FH engine ...

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One minute – Active safety

New technology is enabling increasingly sophisticated active safety systems to be installed in heavy trucks. By helping drivers to prevent accidents, these systems are saving lives and making our roads safer for everyone....

One minute – Visibility

In traffic limited visibility compromises safety, both for drivers and other road users. This is why Volvo Trucks designs its cabs to minimise distractions and offer maximum visibility. Features includes extra large windows, slim designs for ...

One minute – I-Shift Dual Clutch

Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift Dual Clutch enables seamless gear changes, using sports car technology that is totally unique in the heavy trucks market. When conditions demand a lot of shifting, this gearbox really comes into its own. In fact, the heavier the ...

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