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  • The celebration of success never stops! We are proud and honored to congratulate AimTrans Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd on their latest addition of Volvo FM trucks! A fleet of lovely trucks delivered to these fine gentlemen. At Volvo Trucks Malaysia, we're thrilled to see the growth and success of our partners, and we're committed to ensuring a smooth and successful journey ahead for your transportation needs. Wishing you continued progress and excellence on the road, we stand by you, dedicated to exceptional service and support. Here's to more prosperous journeys ahead!

  • Congratulations to ICL Global Transport Sdn Bhd on the arrival of their brand-new Volvo FM! We are proud to celebrate this throwback; such good vibes of excellence! This addition marks a significant step forward in our journey towards greater efficiency and sustainability with you. Here's to the many miles of success ahead, and we are just one call away from supporting you in your trucking solutions! Bravo to the ICL Global Transport Sdn Bhd team!

  • Delighted to announce that Kim Hock Transport Sdn Bhd is now the proud owner of this brand-new Volvo FMX! Excellent choice, and we are proud of you! At Volvo Trucks Malaysia, we're not just about delivering trucks but ensuring our partners thrive in every journey. Wishing you unparalleled success ahead. And remember, for every logistic need, we've got your back.

  • Congratulations to MTR Services Sdn Bhd on their new Volvo FM Truck! A splendid addition to the fleet. As you embark on this new journey, know that we are here for all your trucking needs, and we deeply value the services we provide to our partners. It's more than just trucks; it's about understanding and supporting our partners as they chart new horizons. Wishing you many successful and unified miles ahead!

  • In collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Volvo Trucks Malaysia, our commitment to road safety took center stage. Through the Stop Look Wave Campaign, we reached out to school children and E-hailing 2-wheeler riders, emphasizing the importance of safety and promoting safe driving practices. Implementing impactful road safety programs, especially for heavy vehicles, was a significant theme. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy and a shared dedication to safer roads. Additionally, the EETC23 finalists competed this morning, so stay tuned for the next update!

  • Celebrating Pio Hardwood Sdn Bhd as they enhance their fleet with 5 state-of-the-art Volvo FM trucks! A heartfelt welcome to the Volvo Trucks family. As you embrace this new chapter, know that our commitment goes beyond the truck: we're here for you in our steadfast support and comprehensive transport solutions for every twist and turn ahead. Together, every journey becomes a success story.

  • Cheers to an Exhilarating Day as Syarikat Jasa Selamat Sdn Bhd Welcomes 4 New Volvo FMX Trucks to Their Fleet. At Volvo Trucks Malaysia, we're deeply honored to journey alongside you in this progression. Navigating the world of transportation and logistics is a shared adventure. Our Volvo FMX trucks are crafted with care, aiming to enrich and complement your endeavors. Congratulations once again to Syarikat Jasa Selamat Sdn Bhd! As new pathways unfold and opportunities beckon, know that we’re here, hand in hand, cheering you on. To endless horizons and shared journeys! Well done, guys!

  • Warm Congratulations from Volvo Trucks Malaysia to Syabas Auto Services Sdn Bhd and Pernu Jati Transport Sdn Bhd on the Acquisition of 9 Units Each of the Volvo FM for Their Fleet. As committed partners, we're delighted to share in this significant milestone and the ongoing success of your business. With us by your side, expect continuous support for your transportation and logistics solutions as you ascend to greater heights. Here's to journeying together towards a future of mutual growth and prosperity.

  • Congratulations to SJA Freight Services Sdn Bhd on the Acquisition of a Brand-New Fleet of Volvo FM Trucks! As you continue to excel in your business, we are honored to be your trusted partner. May these remarkable trucks lead you to endless miles of success and prosperity. Here's to the road ahead!

  • Congratulations to PCI Gas Trading Sdn Bhd on the arrival of their new Volvo FM trucks! Your commitment to excellence in logistics is inspiring. We're proud to support your journey, ensuring every delivery is a testament to reliability and efficiency. Here's to celebrating your success and driving towards a prosperous future together!

  • Congratulations to Tuan Halim Bin Yunus and the dedicated team at Navegacion Shipping (Johor) Sdn Bhd on the successful delivery of their new Volvo FM units! At Volvo Trucks Malaysia, we take immense pride in being a part of this significant milestone and are thrilled to serve as your trusted partner in advancing logistics solutions. We are unwaveringly committed to providing reliable and innovative solutions tailored to meet your unique transportation needs. Here's to embarking on many miles of success and efficiency on the road ahead with your new Volvo FM fleet! Safe travels, and may your journey be marked by continued accomplishments. Warm regards from the Volvo Trucks Malaysia team!

11 matches

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