Trailer service

With Trailer Service, you can maintain your trailer at the same time as your truck. It is as convenient as it is efficient. This comprehensive and proactive service also keeps your vehicle in great condition, saves costs and maximizes the time you spend on the road.

Maintain your entire vehicle in one single stop

High-quality maintenance

At our workshop, your vehicle will be treated to original parts and cared for by technicians with expert knowledge about both Volvo trucks and your trailer.

Improved cost control

Your operational costs become more predictable. You pay a fixed price per kilometre and our preventive care minimises the risk of unforeseen repairs.

Convenience and less administration

With only one workshop to visit, only one contact to call and only one invoice to handle your maintenance becomes much easier and more efficient.

Less time spent in the workshop

Having both truck and trailer maintained at one single workshop saves valuable time. So does our efficient state-of-the-art service procedure.

Minimised risk of unpleasant surprises

Our preventive maintenance enables you to act on risks before they turn into problems. It minimises the risk of standstills, repairs and unexpected costs.

Secured residual value

By choosing Genuine Volvo Service and its trailer equivalent, you keep your vehicle in great condition and assure its next owner of its secured value.

Genuine Volvo Service

Genuine Volvo Service

Have your truck maintained by the most skilled technicians in the most modern workshop using the most appropriate tools and parts.

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