The Volvo FMX – Always delivers, on and off the road

Some tasks need to run smoothly even when the conditions are challenging. The Volvo FMX is Volvo Trucks’ most robust construction truck to date and it will make the toughest assignments easier – whether there’s a road or not. Tailor it to your needs and the conditions it will be up against. 

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Engine outputs: 330–520 hp
Six cab sizes
Tractor or rigid truc

Detailed info in specifications

Customised for your productivity

A chassis made for your work

Wide range of services

Get even more out of your operation

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Volvo FMX cab options

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We never know what lies further ahead. The ground moves and what looks one way at one moment can quickly change the next.

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We make all our trucks using high quality components combined to offer you an efficient and durable truck, optimised for how you use it. On top of that, the Volvo FMX has a cab exterior that can handle tough conditions without getting damaged. The robust front with a steep approach angle, the skid plate and the steel bumper protecting the headlamps and other components are just a few examples. The high ground clearance and sturdy axle installations are other examples. Altogether, these are hard to beat.

Of course you can! You can get it with either one, two or three driven axles. Which means you can get it in a 4×4 or 6×6 configuration. Beyond that, you can get it in an 8×6 combination if you need to carry heavy loads in severe conditions. If you need more load capacity, a 10×4 and a 10×6 combination are available.

Of course, it depends on what version you choose. But in general, the cabs are roomier than on the previous Volvo FMX. The day cab is made to give you the space you need to drive and manage your assignments while optimising the length of the load carrier. The sleeper cab and the Globetrotter cab offers plenty of room and great comfort for overnight stays.

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