Volvo Silver Contract

Powertrain repairs and preventive maintenance for better cost control

For peace of mind and improved cost control, the Volvo Silver Contract covers your powertrain components against wear and tear as well as premature failure. This includes the engine, exhaust system, transmission, drive unit, fuel injection, air compressor and clutch cylinder. You also get the convenience of a preventive maintenance plan based on your truck’s actual use. Plus, you can rest assured that all work is performed by certified Volvo technicians.

7 key benefits of Silver

  • Covers powertrain repairs
  • Includes preventive maintenance tailored to your truck’s actual use
  • Increases uptime
  • Reduces total cost of ownership 
  • Keeps the truck in top condition
  • Boosts efficiency of workshop visits thanks to remote workshop connection
  • Ensures service is performed by certified Volvo technicians using Genuine Volvo Parts

The right maintenance – at the right time

To keep your vehicle in top condition, we remotely monitor uptime-critical components and important data about the actual use of your truck (such as the kilometers driven, engine hours, fuel consumption and route topography). If the actual use shows that your truck requires more or less maintenance than expected, your dealer will contact you. It’s an easy way to be sure you’re always getting the right service at the right time. All so your truck can perform at its best.

Optional Uptime Services

Extend your coverage with expert assistance, whenever and wherever you need it.

Volvo Towing Assistance

If an unplanned stop occurs, help is available 24/7 across Europe. The driver can simply call or press the VAS button in the cab to be connected instantly with an operator who speaks the same language. With the support of our vast network of towing partners and authorized workshops, we’ll get the truck back on the road as soon as possible.

Volvo Towing Assistance Extended

For even more peace of mind, the Volvo Towing Assistance Extended service gives you the added protection of a jumpstart, fuel delivery, supervision of vehicle and cargo, as well as unloading and reloading of cargo – plus transport, hotel accommodation and even repatriation for the driver.

Volvo Service Contracts – the details

Real Time Monitoring
Maximum uptime – all repairs and preventive maintenance
    Uptime Services (optional)
    Connected Service Planning
    Maintenance & Checks
    Powertrain Repairs
    Non-Powertrain Repairs
    Wear & Tear Components
    Real Time Monitoring
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Preventive maintenance and a service plan based on the actual usage of your truck
    Connected Service Planning
    Maintenance & Checks
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Uptime Care
A service plan based on the actual usage of your truck
    Uptime Services (optional)
    Connected Service Planning
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Which contract is right for you?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the answers. Drop in or give them a call to put your service plan into action.