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Volvo FMX towing device studio sideview

Pulling Power



Volvo FMX towing device hanging truck

Pulling power

Sometimes you get stuck. But in a Volvo FMX, you won’t be stuck for long. Equipped with a cast iron hook that can tow up to 32 tonnes, it’s a truck that really can pull its weight.

Simple. And strong

We made the towing device really easy to use – with one simple grip you can release it and connect a wire or a pull bar. We also made it strong. In tests, the towing device withstood lateral pull/push forces of 32 tonnes, at a maximum angle of 15°. And don’t worry about breaking anything. If you need to climb up the front of the cab. Go right ahead. Everything you tread on is solid – nothing will crack or break.

Volvo FMX towing device handle


Experience the strength of the towing device, and the Volvo FMX in all its glory. Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer.