Maximise your payload


Does every kilo of payload count? And do you stay away from rough terrain on your routes? Then you can get your Volvo FM or Volvo FH with a lightweight specification that lets you increase your payload and boost your productivity. And still get a durable and comfortable transport solution. Your dealer will guide you to a lighter truck.

How light can you get?

By combining our lightweight solutions, you can get Volvo FM 4×2 tractor weighing in at 6000 kilos, or a Volvo FH 4×2 tractor at 6600 kilos. That means more payload within legal weight restrictions.

Solutions that make you lighter

Every little weight reduction helps to increase your load capacity. The mono leaf front suspension installation cuts 65 kilos and a rear axle with a weight optimised design means 90 kilos less. Weight optimised chassis frame members, a 7.1 tonne front axle, lightweight disc brakes and aluminum brackets, and air tanks further reduce the kerb weight.

6×2 load capacity

Looking for load capacity without getting heavy? Take a closer look at the lightweight 6×2 pusher installation. The pusher axle is liftable to save fuel when not needed and the entire installation is up to 490 kilos lighter than a conventional 6×2 installation.

Available for these trucks

Want to lose some weight?

Talk to your dealer about our lightweight trucks.