The ultimate long haul truck


Volvo FH with I-Save is the ideal solution to bring down fuel consumption in long haul operations – with excellent driveability. The farther you drive, the more you can save for a more profitable operation.

Volvo FH with I-Save combines our D13TC engines with the Fuel Package*. It can cut your fuel cost by up to 10%**. On top of that, I-Save lets you drive at lower revs and higher gear for a longer time – contributing to a smoother, quieter drive. You can also look forward to a faster torque response from the powertrain. It’s a great drive.

A productivity boost

The D13TC engine produces 300 Nm higher torque at low revs. Less acceleration and fuel will be needed to keep a steady speed in highway traffic. Working in combination with I-See, the engine makes it possible to tackle hills and gradients in a higher gear – saving fuel without losing speed and providing a smoother ride. The extra torque also enables a higher average speed, especially notable in hill climbing.

The D13TC engine – more efficiency and torque

The D13TC is our most fuel-efficient engine ever. Available in 460 and 500 power ratings, it features pistons with a patented wave-shaped interior that improves combustion and increases efficiency. Thanks to Turbo Compound technology, the D13TC engine makes full use of the available energy at every stage, delivering increased efficiency across the whole rpm range – with the best result in the 900–1400 rpm span.

* The Fuel Package includes the map-based I-See, I-Cruise with I-Roll, fuel-efficient rear axles, engine idle shutdown, and servo pump with variable displacement.

** The fuel improvement claim is calculated by comparing costs of diesel and AdBlue for the new range I-Save D13TC Euro 6 step D with the FUELECO+ package to Classic D13 eSCR Euro 6 step D without the features included in the Fuel Package. Actual fuel economy may vary depending on many factors i.e. driving speed, use of cruise control, vehicle specification, vehicle load, actual topography, the driver´s driving experience, vehicle maintenance, and weather conditions.

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Get the most out of your fuel

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