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Do your routes involve busy roads during dark hours? Have a closer look at the adaptive high beam. It lets you use your main beam in situations that would otherwise be unsuitable. Expect your world to get a whole lot brighter, without disturbing drivers of other vehicles. It’s designed to improve your safety, and others’.

The adaptive high beam is engineered to detect other vehicles in front of your truck. When the system detects other vehicles in front of you, the system automatically reduces the light directed towards them.

This means you can drive in dark conditions with your high beam on, and the adaptive high beam will optimise your beam so you can see best. And you can still care for your fellow road users.

The system uses both radar and camera to detect and locate other vehicles. Each headlamp unit has four reflectors and 12 LED units. The adaptive high beam can then engage and disengage all the LED units individually in both headlamps to optimise the beam.

As you drive, you’ll be able to see the light beam adapting and feel confident that your vision is optimised.

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