Plus Malaysia Berhad and Volvo Trucks Malaysia collaborate in driving safety and co-creating sustainable solutions for heavy vehicles

Petaling Jaya, 13th August 2022: - PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) and Volvo Trucks  Malaysia (Volvo) are collaborating in driving safety and co-creating sustainable solutions for  the heavy vehicles industry in Malaysia. The Managing Directors of both PLUS and Volvo  Trucks Malaysia formalized the alliance through a signing ceremony at Persada PLUS  recently. 

This unique and inaugural collaboration includes exchanging industry-leading expertise and  technology insights as well as resources towards achieving a safer system for heavy vehicle  users.  

The collaboration will also set a path for PLUS to plan and facilitate the future development of  electric vehicle charging stations for commercial vehicles on PLUS managed highways.  According to PLUS Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail, “PLUS is currently facilitating the  development of charging infrastructures needed to support passenger electric vehicles on our  highways. This will also enable us to include our preparation for electric trucks and commercial  vehicles in the future.”  

Volvo Trucks Malaysia will soon be introducing their first Electromobility range in Malaysia in  line with their global effort in supporting the lower emissions agenda.  

PLUS is committed to continue to champion safety along the highway through the 3E approach  that includes aspects of Engineering, Enforcement, and Education to further improve the level  of safety on our highways. PLUS and Volvo will also work together in developing a heavy  vehicle safety programme, with the aim of equipping drivers with better safety knowledge and  handling of heavy vehicles. This safety programme will be extended to PLUSTrack members  to further enhance their safety on PLUS highways.  

“PLUSTrack is a programme developed by PLUS for commercial and heavy vehicle customers  on our highways. The programme aims to help uplift the experience of our commercial vehicle  customers whilst adding value via loyalty rewards, privileges and educational sharing by our  partners,” added Datuk Azman.  

According to Volvo Trucks Malaysia Managing Director Anthony O’ Connell, “The transport  industry is evolving at unprecedented pace. Technological innovations have moved us towards  greater efficiency and higher safety standards and Volvo Trucks stands at the forefront of  driving these possibilities. The potential offered by automation, electromobility and  connectivity, through the digitization of the transport system, is immense.”

“Simply by being the leader that has access to data to fleets in real world scenarios and  deployments, we will emerge as the foremost leader to drive adoption and scaled benefits of  both fleet and business impact as a whole,” he added.  

“Sustainability has become a hugely powerful force that is a constant debate in the mobility  space. We have made our position clear to all, that Volvo Trucks is determined to drive our  industry towards a sustainable future,” he said. 

“We continue to be a leading global transport solution provider, and we will work together with  PLUS as the biggest highway operator in Malaysia to drive the change. The heights of where  both leaders can scale as the core of the ecosystem for the future of mobility for Malaysia are  significant and we are excited of what we will drive towards tomorrow,” Anthony O’ Connell  further explained.  

With the first milestone of introducing the Iron Women Programme, a Volvo Group Global  Initiative, this strategic partnership will enable Volvo to uplift the socio-economic status of  professional truck drivers in Malaysia and push for gender inclusivity, ultimately addressing  the shortage of skilled and certified drivers in the industry. PLUS will also share the programme 

with its PLUSTrack members as part of Volvo’s outreach to heavy vehicle customers.  

“It is always exciting to be at the forefront of change. We truly hope that this partnership with  VOLVO Trucks Malaysia will be a positive move forward towards improving the safety of  highway customers and to spur the drive of electromobility in the commercial vehicle industry,”  Datuk Azman concluded.