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Peerless Design

Volvo FH Cab

The stance is solid and purposeful, with one thing in mind. Efficiency. The more aerodynamic the truck is, the more you'll get out of every drop of fuel. That’s why we've fine-tuned the cab design and spoilers. Making it all glide smoothly through the air. Saving fuel - and reducing the environmental impact. 

The design is a celebration of truck drivers all over the world

Designing the Volvo FH

Bold Design

Bold. Confident. Assertive

Our aim was to create a solid, flowing shape, instead of a front and two sides. This is why the lines and graphics sweep around the whole cab.

The truck’s stance, its visual attitude, was a key consideration, too. The form expresses the truck’s efficiency and dynamics. It appears to lean forward, wheels pressing at the ground. It’s bold. Assertive. It’s ready to work.


Slimmer side mirrors 

The side mirrors add to the cab’s distinctive profile. Mounted further away from the upright A-pillar on a slender arm, the new design increases the driver’s field of vision and improves the truck’s aerodynamics.

Fit & Finish

Precision fit. Perfect finish

The cab is big, but its aero-led design means it has a low air resistance. The precision fit of the panel joints means there’s no gap between the lower and upper cab. Air flows around the cab instead of through it – enhancing aerodynamic performance and reducing fuel consumption.

Our cabs

The Perfect Workplace

We've reinvented the Globetrotter. Unparalleled comfort on the inside. World-class safety on the outside. And a visually stunning design that stands out on the road

Choose from over 650 colours. All green.

Save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop – just have your Volvo cab delivered in the colour you like. Choose from over 650 different hues, tints, and shades. And if you don’t find the one you’re looking for, we can virtually mix any colour for you.

Want a preview? Use the cab colouriser below.

Please note that a computer monitor cannot fully do justice to the colors. To view actual paint samples, please visit your Volvo dealer. Please also note that not all colours are available on all models and markets. The image shows a truck with the highest possible paint level.

This colorizer contains all colours available in the sales system. Many of the solid colours are also available with a clear coat layer. If you cannot find your requested colour please contact your Volvo dealer.


Your dealer can show you round the Volvo FH. And answer
any questions you have about its peerless design and stunning features.