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Premium thinking

The key to profitability is total cost of ownership. With the right truck, the right services and the right support network, you drive profitability.
We design and engineer every truck and every service to reduce your fuel costs, improve uptime and increase your productivity. Our unmatched customer support comes as standard – from the first mile, to the last.

New Features for the Volvo FH

Volvo FH performance and fuel paraglider

Maintain speed. Save fuel

Your profitability is key to our thinking

Volvo FH on road

Fuel Efficiency Is Built In

Fuel is precious. And expensive. So we make every drop count.

Volvo FH crash

Safety is our thing. So we do it our way

The Swedish cab impact test is the toughest in the world. International legislation says the test is no longer necessary. We disagree.

Volvo FH on road

100% Uptime – A Promise Written In Gold

You need your truck on the road. We guarantee it’ll be there.

Volvo FH Productivity

How do you make drivers more productive?

Reduce fatigue. Improve comfort. And give them more control.


Get productivity in the palm of your hand 

Get closer to the Volvo FH

Ask a question. Find a part. Book a service. Spec your perfect truck. It all happens with your local Volvo Trucks dealer.