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9 new and updated Volvo truck safety features

Anna Wrige Berling
Technology & Innovation Safety
Anna Wrige Berling
Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks

Technology is fundamental to modern road safety – and this is definitely true for Volvo Trucks, where a host of groundbreaking features have been developed over the years. Now, a whole new range of safety features have been unveiled which play an essential part in working towards Volvo’s “zero accidents” vision, with its aim of eliminating all accidents that involve a Volvo truck.

Nine new and updated features have been designed to warn drivers of hazards and detect obstacles in blind spots, tailored to a variety of situations and environments. Here is a run-through of the individual features and updates – and how they can increase safety for drivers and other road users.

“We’re introducing additional safety systems that can enhance the driver’s capabilities, helping to protect them and the people they share the road with. By utilising the latest technical advances, we can predict potential collisions and help prevent them from happening,” says Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic & Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

How to develop truck safety systems

All of the new safety features are the end result of a continuous development process, based on extensive accident research. One of the things that makes this possible is the fact that for over 50 years, Volvo Trucks has been collecting and analysing data from accidents involving its vehicles. This vast store of knowledge about what causes accidents, highlights common scenarios and provides invaluable insights when creating safety systems for the latest Volvo trucks.

“It’s no secret that safety has always been an integral part of our identity. Not only do we carry out in-depth accident research, we also carefully consider truck safety from all perspectives. Our Stop, Look, Wave and See and Be Seen campaigns are testament to this way of thinking,” says Anna Wrige Berling.

Road safety has always been extremely important for Volvo Trucks. Recently, it has moved up the political agenda with new legislation such as the EU’s General Safety Regulations, which enforces active safety systems on trucks. Volvo Trucks welcomes stricter legislative safety requirements. What’s more, several of its new and updated systems go the extra mile – and in fact exceed the legal requirements.

Anna Wrige Berling says that it is also fantastic to see safety technology that can help the driver in other ways, such as by alleviating the stress they can experience in, for example, busy cities. As she puts it: “At Volvo Trucks, we still view the drivers as the most important safety system. However, our new safety features are devised to support them on today’s busy roads to help reduce the risk of collisions. Through new technology, continued accident research and a holistic view of truck safety, we can move closer to our vision of zero accidents.”

At Volvo Trucks, we still see the drivers as the most important safety system. However, our new safety features are devised to support them on today’s busy roads to help reduce the risk of collisions.

New safety features

1. Front Short Range Assist - New

Helps to reduce collisions by alerting the driver when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected in the risk area at the front of the truck. Designed to help increase safety for all road users. 

2. Door Opening Warning - New

This smart system, offered on both sides of the truck, helps prevent opening doors from colliding with other road users when the truck is at a standstill, even when the engine is switched off. It therefore offers additional protection for cyclists and pedestrians on both sides of the truck.

3. Side Collision Avoidance Support - New

Designed to alleviate the risk of collisions when the truck turns or changes lanes by monitoring the areas at the sides of the vehicle and warning the driver when other road users are in them. By offering Side Collision Avoidance Support on both sides of the truck and also addressing lane change accidents, this feature exceeds upcoming regulatory requirements.

4. Auto Hold - New

The Auto Hold feature helps keep the truck stationary until the accelerator is applied, offering reassurance and assistance to the driver on slopes and hills.

5. Tire Pressure Monitoring System - New

Features improved sensors mounted on the tire rims that can warn the driver of low pressure and any heightened risk of a blowout or flat tire. This system also exceeds the legal requirements and is capable of monitoring a wider range of under- and over-pressure readings. On top of safety, this feature’s additional benefits also include better energy efficiency.

Updated safety features

6. Collision Warning with Emergency Brake - Updated

Volvo Trucks’ advanced emergency braking system has long exceeded legal regulations to help prevent rear end collisions. It makes use of the latest radar and camera technology at the front of the truck.

7. Driver Alert Support – Updated

First offered by Volvo Trucks long before it was legally required, this intelligent feature monitors and analyzes the truck’s movements in the lane, in order to detect driver tiredness and drowsiness. The system alerts and then informs the driver to take a break when needed. It has now been updated to utilise the latest camera technology on the truck.

8. Intelligent Speed Assist - Updated

This smart feature keeps the driver informed about speed limits by detecting speed road signs and displaying the limit on the instrument display. It has now been updated to display the speed limit for that vehicle combination.

9. Adaptive High Beam - Updated

Adaptive High Beam automatically switches off the LED segments of the front headlights when other vehicles are approaching during night-time driving. This maintains high beam coverage in other areas, where there are no other vehicles. Now features an updated radar and camera.

For more information on the new and updated safety features, visit your local market site.

This is how active safety systems support drivers and help reduce the risk of collisions