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Mattias Ahlberg Tomas Thuresson
Technology & Innovation
Mattias Ahlberg
Total Offer Intro Manager
Tomas Thuresson
Commercialization Manager New Offer

Optimized energy efficiency, improved visibility, and an enhanced driver experience – this is what you can expect from the innovations unveiled by Volvo Trucks on January 29th. These key feature improvements promise substantial advantages for the transport industry, drivers, and society as a whole. Here is an overview of the most important news.

Volvo Trucks latest launch of trucks and innovations marks one of the most extensive rollouts for the heavy-duty segment in years. It encompasses everything from exterior design and aerodynamics to technological innovations aimed at boosting energy efficiency and safety. Included in the launch is a new, fuel-efficient D17 engine for Volvo FH16 and Volvo FH16 Aero, with impressive power and torque. The new products and features are developed to meet the needs and wishes from society, transport businesses, and drivers. 

Here is a list of the most important news:  

  1. The new, aerodynamic cab – featured on Volvo FH Aero and Volvo FH16 Aero
  2. The  Camera Monitor System - available on most truck models
  3. Aerodynamic enhancements on all cabs
  4. Enhanced sound system, and other updates on the inside   
  5. The Volvo FH Aero with Globetrotter XXL cab available for all industry segments in Europe  
  6. New engine with up to 780 horsepower and 3800 Nm of torque, for Volvo FH16 and FH16 Aero.
  7. The fuel saving feature I-See, is now even better

”It’s incredibly satisfying that we can offer our customers such an impressive array of innovations and news. This is a substantial step to improve energy efficiency and lower the carbon footprint. We're also enhancing safety with improved visibility by introducing a camera monitor system that replaces traditional mirrors. Furthermore, we’re providing drivers with a better working environment. I’m confident that this will benefit both the industry and society at large,” says Tomas Thuresson, Commercialization Manager New Offer at Volvo Trucks.

The all-new, energy-efficient aerodynamic cab

The most prominent innovation is the new aerodynamic cab that can be seen on the Volvo FH Aero and Volvo FH16 Aero. Thanks to changes in the European Union’s Weights and Dimensions Directive, the front of the cab has been extended to reduce air drag. Furthermore, the cab’s design has been meticulously refined for optimal aerodynamics.

”Reduced drag leads to improved energy efficiency, regardless if it’s a diesel, gas, or electric driveline. In turn, this translates to reduced CO2 emissions and reduced costs for the customer. This is a significant advancement for operators,” says Mattias Ahlberg, Total Offer Intro Manager at Volvo Trucks.    

To learn more and to see the new Volvo FH Aero and Volvo FH16 Aero in action, watch this film about the full range.

How Volvo Trucks Camera Monitor System  will enhance driving

Another major update is Volvo Trucks’ adoption of a camera monitor system to replace traditional mirrors. This system offers several key advantages:


  • Cameras placed on wings for minimal air drag compared to traditional mirrors. 
  • Improved direct vision without the obstruction of conventional mirrors.
  • Rain and dirt on the side window no longer affect rear visibility.
  • The Zoom-out Field of View helps the driver maneuver safely by providing more information about the traffic surrounding the truck. 
  • End-of-trailer lines in the main rearview helps the driver, particularly when making lane changes.
  • Enhanced night-time vision thanks to infrared technology.
  • To enhance driver security, the system can be activated from the bedside control panel when the vehicle is parked, to monitor any activity around it. 

”It’s a highly competent system, and I want to highlight that our well-regarded passenger corner camera is also available with this setup, positioned alongside the rear-view camera on the same wing,” says Mattias Ahlberg.

The Camera Monitor System is available for all cab models except those with extra-low roofs or FLADR classification. Here you can find more information about the differences between a camera monitor system and traditional side mirrors.

By replacing the side mirrors, the Camera Monitor System contributes to improved aerodynamics as well as enhanced visibility.

Why small improvements make a big difference

All cabs have undergone aerodynamic enhancements, both visible and non-visible. These enhancements include reduced gaps and improved seals between the cab components to ensure smoother airflow. The area above the windshield has also been optimized to minimize air resistance. 

”In summary, we’ve made numerous small improvements that collectively make the cabs more aerodynamic. Also, all lighting has been modernized, now exclusively featuring LED lamps. For a more contemporary look, we’ve given the Volvo Iron Mark a completely new and cleaner design that aligns with the overall aesthetic,” says Tomas Thuresson.

What about updates on the inside?

The updated exterior design and forward-thinking approach is reflected also on the inside of the truck. The focus here is on creating a better working and living environment for drivers.

  • A refined sound system for an enhanced experience, with optional amplifiers and subwoofers. 
  • An updated interface in the secondary display that allows for personalized views.
  • An increased number of sockets (USB-C) to support charging of devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. 
  • A new microwave oven nicely integrated into the front shelf for improved accessibility.
  • Camera Monitor System screens placed by the A-pillar to optimize direct visibility.
  • A new key remote  with a built-in light control function.

Will the Globetrotter XXL cab be available for more segments?

As the updated European Union Weights and Dimensions Directive allows longer cabs with an aerodynamic design, it is now legally possible to use Volvo's Globetrotter XXL cab on European roads. This means Volvo FH Aero and Volvo FH16 Aero with the Globetrotter XXL cab can be used in all industry segments in Europe without impacting the load capacity. Whether you’re transporting timber, cement, or cars, you can enjoy a cab with more interior space and a wider bed. 

”This is a genuine advantage for drivers who spend extended periods on the road,” says Mattias Ahlberg.

Mattias Ahlberg, Total Offer Intro Manager at Volvo Trucks and Tomas Thuresson, Commercialization Manager New Offer, Volvo Trucks.
"It’s incredibly satisfying that we can offer our customers such an impressive array of innovations and news. This is a substantial step to improve energy efficiency and lower the carbon footprint."

More power and torque for the heavy haulage segment

Another substantial improvement in the heavy haulage segment is the introduction of the all-new 17-liter engine. As the most powerful engine ever built by Volvo, it offers up to 780 horsepower and 3800 Nm of torque.

”This is a world-class engine in terms of technology. It is energy-efficient with fast engine response, less weight, high productivity, and improved engine brake performance. Thanks to its high torque, drivers can maintain higher gears for longer periods, and save fuel. This benefits the environment while also leaving customers with more money in their pockets,” says Tomas Thuresson.


The new engine is available in three different versions:

  • 600 hp and 3000 Nm
  • 700 hp and 3400 Nm
  • 780 hp and 3800 Nm
The all-new 17-liter engine – the most powerful ever built by Volvo Trucks – offers up to 780 horsepower and 3800 Nm of torque.

Enhanced driver experience with I-See 

Further news geared towards driver experience includes enhancements to I-See, which is now even more efficient. It has been updated to adopt the vehicles' speed to curves, roundabouts and speed signs. This will enhance the driving experience and lead to an increased use of the cruise control.  

”The aim is to enable drivers to use cruise control for a more significant portion of their journeys. Doing so leads to an enhanced driver experience as well as reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Simultaneously, drivers enjoy a more comfortable workday with supportive features that simplify their tasks,” says Tomas Thuresson.  

All in all, these innovations offer great potential for the transport industry to meet sustainability goals, improve safety, as well as attract and retain drivers.



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