I-Shift transmission is well suited to tough terrains

I-Shift – the world’s smartest gearbox

Simple, reliable and super efficient, I-Shift is our most popular transmission system. It takes the tough out of tough terrain, helps you manoeuvre easily, with less risk of getting stuck, and saves up to 5% fuel too.

I-Shift has also been reinforced and upgraded to match the needs of severe duty applications. It’s also available for all axle configurations, including trucks with a driven front axle.

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Dynafleet provides real-time data for your trucks, enabling profitability

Dynafleet – maximise your productivity

Locations, loads and levels. Driver times. Emission reports. Fuel consumption. Dynafleet gives you real time data on every truck you own – helping you maximise productivity and make more profitable decisions.

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Smart chassis helps productivity

The smart chassis

Can a chassis make you more productive? This one can. GRAS-G2 rear air suspension offers an unprecedented 300 millimetres of ground clearance, and the redesigned underbelly is so well protected only the biggest boulders will slow you down. Better traction and fewer vibrations create a faster, more comfortable drive, which can boost productivity by up to a 10 km/h increased average speed.

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Genuine Volvo Parts maintain truck longevity and help you work more effectively

Productive parts

Genuine Volvo Parts maintain the Volvo quality of your truck. They keep it on site for longer, help it run more efficiently, and help you work more effectively. And with a network of workshops in 140 markets around the world, and an advanced logistics systems ensuring timely delivery – the part you need is never far away.

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Call or drop in to your local Volvo Trucks dealer. They’ll help you get the most out of every mile.

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