Volvo I-Shift makes driving easier, safer and more comfortable

Just drive

I-Shift makes driving easier, safer and much more comfortable. There’s no load on your body. Every gear change is perfectly timed. And if you want to change gear manually, there’s a button on the gearstick that gives you full control over every shift.

Driveability isn’t the only benefit. The smoothness of the system puts less stress on the driveline and tyres, minimising maintenance costs.

Volvo's fuel-efficient I-Shift gearbox

Save on fuel

I-Shift is designed to save fuel – up to 5%. The internal energy losses are low – lower than on manual gearboxes. But it’s the electronics that really make the difference. If you drive in Economy mode, every gear change is timed precisely, ensuring the engine works at the most efficient rpm.

Volvo I-Shift: how it works

How it works

I-Shift is based on an unsynchronised manual gearbox –hence the compact design and low internal losses. The magic, however, happens in the electronic control unit that manages the clutch and shifts. By evaluating information about speed, weight, road grade and torque demand, it performs every shift with extreme precision. The system also communicates with the engine, allowing it to adjust revs and brake-effect for maximum performance.

Reinforced for severe duty applications

Reinforced for severe duty applications

If you drive in extremely tough conditions, you will appreciate the reinforced I-Shift. It has been designed exclusively for environ­ments where you frequently climb or descend gradients of above 10%, or drive in extremely rough terrain. This means that I-Shift is now available for conditions where a manual gearbox or the automatic Powertronic used to be the only options.


Shift smarter

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