This clever technology lets the workshop see information about the engine, mileage and fuel consumption. Technicians can also see diagnostic trouble codes and monitor the status of crucial components (brake pads, clutch, battery etc). Monitoring this way reduces unplanned stops. It also means the workshop is fully prepared when you arrive, so you’re back on the road in the shortest possible time.

Volvo Action Service: Just a call away

Volvo Action Service - Just a call away

An unplanned stop in the middle of nowhere? Just give us a call and you’ll be connected to a Volvo personnel who is available 24/7. With some brief details, the Volvo Action Service Van is dispatched. Just sit tight, help’s already on its way.

How to call the Volvo Action Service
Volvo FM with innovative safety feature

Fewer accidents. Greater uptime

We’re obsessed with safety. It’s in our DNA. And it’s a principle consideration when we design any Volvo truck. The fewer accidents you have, the more time your truck (and the driver) is on the road. The Volvo FM’s innovative safety features protect the truck, the driver and other road users.

Life-saving safety features
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Want 100% uptime?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer knows everything about increasing uptime. Pay them a visit or give them a call.

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