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Uptime is everything. It’s built into every quality-assured part of the Volvo FMX. Into every intelligent feature. And into the services that support every assignment you take.

Servicing – one step ahead

Volvo Action Service On-Call – just push the button

Ground to halt? Push the VAS On-Call button and you’ll be connected to an operator. They know your exact location, your chassis ID and can pass on any diagnostic trouble codes to the technician. Relax. Help is on its way and you’ll be back on track in no time.

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In control with Dynafleet

Dynafleet Vehicle Status gives your fleet manager an overview of warnings and alarms in your trucks’ instrument clusters. It facilitates planning of preventive maintenance and increasing uptime.

Time-saving transmission

I-Shift gives you ultimate drivability, but the benefits don’t stop there. Assisted gear changes put less stress on the driveline and tyres, and increase clutch lifespan. The oil drain interval has been upped to 450,000km. And we also improved guided diagnostics. Opt for I-Shift in your Volvo FMX and you’ll spend less time in the workshop and more at work.

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All parts protected 

When you’re on-site or tackling tough terrain, there’s always a risk of something damaging the underbelly of your truck. Or there used to be. GRAS-G2 rear air suspension has given the Volvo FMX 300mm of ground clearance. We’ve put all essential parts – including the brakes – above the rear axle, and protected the engine with a 3mm thick skid plate. So it’s going to take something sizeable to send you to the workshop.

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The unstoppable front 

The front of the Volvo FMX is designed for uptime. The polypropylene coated steel bumper retains its shape after knocks and bumps. And exposed fasteners mean you can save workshop time by replacing bumpers and panels yourself.

If you get stuck, release the cast iron towing device, and another vehicle can have you out in no time. You’ll even struggle to break a headlight – they’re higher up and have interchangeable on-road and off-road protectors.

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Your local Volvo Trucks dealer can talk you through every one of the Volvo FMX’s uptime features. Drop in or give them a call.