Volvo Trucks



Built to Last


The steel and polypropylene bumper. The energy-absorbing box construction. The 3 millimetre skid plate. Each is incredibly strong in its own right. But together, they create our most robust truck front ever.

Double-strength bumper

The high-grade steel bumper is tough. So tough, you could drive into a pile of rubble and barely notice any damage. It also has a thick polypropylene coating protecting the bumper.

The bumper is constructed from three parts, and has easily accessible screws that let you replace any damaged parts yourself – saving you a trip to the workshop and boosting uptime.

The Front Underrun Protection System (FUPS)

The complete lower front is made as a box construction. The individual parts work together to make it incredibly sturdy, and resilient in a head-on collision with a car. The FUPS is designed to protect car passengers by crumpling backwards and absorbing some of the force.

The skid plate

Driving off-road can be hazardous for your engine. That’s why the Volvo FMX has an optional redesigned 3 millimetre skid plate that protects the engine sump, hoses and cooler. Everything that’s perishable when driving off road is protected – even when reversing. And if you work in a dusty environment, it reduces dust vortices under the truck, too.

Lead from the front

Start at the front. But as you make you way around the Volvo FMX, you’ll see why it’s the most robust truck we’ve ever made. Ask your Volvo Trucks dealer for the keys.