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It looks tough because it is tough. The Volvo FMX is designed to help you get the job done. Minimum downtime. Minimal delays. Every detail there because it needs to be. Except the battle scars. We left those to you.

The more you use it the better it will look.

Bigger. Better. Stronger

All the familiar Volvo FMX elements are there, just enhanced and improved. The bull bar is tougher and larger, as are the corner bumpers. The central towing device is made from cast iron and can pull up to 32 tonnes. And the new headlights are positioned higher up where they’re less likely to get damaged.

Time saving design

Notice the exposed fasteners on the corner bumpers and body panels. Not only do they add to the truck’s robust look, they mean you can quickly replace panels yourself. It’s all part of our philosophy of adding value to functionality – and reducing the amount of time you spend in the workshop.

The front – it’s all about uptime

The polypropylene coated steel bumper is built to withstand almost anything you can throw at it (or drive into). You’ve got a choice of two hardcore protectors for your powerful bi-xenon lights. And a 3 millimetre thick skid plate keeps the underbelly intact. So no matter the work, the Volvo FMX just keeps on going.

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Designed for construction

As a construction driver, you’re often in and out the cab. The low, foldable entry step makes that quicker, and its anti-skid design makes it safer. Slim mirror arms give you excellent forward vision, and the high air intake improves your reverse view. And don’t worry if mud sticks to your windscreen – just climb up the front of the cab to clean it. Every detail has been designed for the life you and the truck lead.

Our Cabs

360° Exterior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cab. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.


Kick it. Stand on the bumper. Poke the headlights. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will show you just how sturdy the Volvo FMX is.