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Enter your comfort zone 

Volvo FM Cab

When you’re comfortable, you drive well. So from the moment you climb into the Volvo FM (using the extra low entry step), to the moment you clock off (the bed is wide and pocket sprung), you’ll find everything you need for a relaxing workday.  

Step into your office

alm, professional and excellently equipped – this is a workplace you’ll actually want to spend time in. Colours and materials have been meticulously chosen. The dash curves elegantly around the space. And the extra-wide windscreen gives you a commanding view of the road.

Everything within reach 

No leaning. No stretching. No taking your eyes from the road. In the Volvo FM, your instruments are all exactly where you need them. Key information is just a glance away. And customisable switches ensure the functions you use most are close to hand. 

Loads of room for your stuff

From pens and clipboards to your phone and favourite mug – it’s often the small things that help you get the job done. That’s why we created loads of useful storage. The spacious front, under-bunk, rear and exterior storage can be tailored to your exact needs. And plenty of compartments keep things like paperwork organised. There’s even a PC holder, wastepaper basket and foldout two-litre bottle holder.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The driver’s seat offers excellent support, range and legroom. It can be adjusted 20cm forwards and backwards, and 10cm vertically. You will sit comfier than ever.

Your perfect driving position

The steering wheel can be adjusted 90mm vertically and tilted 28 degrees. Conveniently controlled by a foot pedal, it folds away easily when you enter or exit the cab. The ergonomic design offers different grip options – so it’s comfortable all day long. And you’ve got the option of leather for a little extra luxury.

System for services and infotainment

Easy-to-use navigation, Dynafleet, improved communication and quality audio entertainment. Volvo Trucks’ integrated system for services and infotainment brings these features together in one interface – a seven-inch touch screen. Operate it manually, via voice commands, and through steering wheel buttons.

Rethink your in-cab experience.


Simplify control of your services and infotainment. And feel the benefits: a better, safer driving experience, easier navigation and more efficient fleet management.

This system combines the cab’s audio and entertainment unit with the Dynafleet and navigation functions.

Integration of services and infotainment means they’re easy to operate. Touch the screen, hit the steering wheel buttons or use your voice. Whatever suits you best.


Interior features

360° Interior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cabin interior. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.


Set your driving position. Test out the bed. Admire the view. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will introduce you to every feature of the Volvo FM cab.