Volvo Trucks



Chassis specifications for Volvo FH16

  • Chassis heights
  • Max. front axle load
  • Rear suspension
  • Coupling heights, tractors
  • Towbars
  • Fuel tanks
  • AdBlue tanks
  • Fifth wheels
  • Individual front suspension
  • Volvo Dynamic Steering
  • Tag axles
  • Pusher axles
  • Brakes

Chassis heights


Med approx 900 mm
High approx 1000 mm

Max front axle load (tonnes)


  Air Leaf
Med 9* 9
High 9 10/18**


** With dual front axles (FAA20)

Rear suspension

Type Axles Suspension Axle/bogie load Reduction Tag/pusher axles
RADT-GR 6×2 Air 19/20.5/22.5/23 t Single/hub Tag axle (fixed/steered/self-steered)
RAPD-GR 6×2 Air 19/22 t Single/hub Pusher axle (fixer/steered)
RADD-G2 6×4/8×4 Air (for construction) 21/23/26 t Single/hub  
RADD-BR 6×4/8×4 Parabolic 21 t Single/hub  
RADD-TR1 6×4/8×4 Parabolic/conventional leaf 23/26 t Single/hub  
RADD-TR2 6×4/8×4 Conventional leaf 26/32 t Hub  
RADD-GR 6×4/8×4 Air 21/23/26 t Single/hub  
RAPDT-GR 8×2 Air 27/30/30.5/31.5/32 t Single/hub Pusher axle (steered) + tag axle (fixed/steered)
RADDT-GR 8×4/10×4 Air 27/33/36 t Single/hub Tag axle (steered)
RAPDD-GR 8×4 Air 27/30.5/32/35 t Single/hub Pusher axle (steered)
RADDT-G2 8×4/10×4 Air (for construction) 27/33/36 t Single/hub Tag axle (steered)

Fuel tanks
Aluminium or steel tanks in volumes from 385 to 690 litres. 


AdBlue tanks
Volumes from 64 to 190 litres. AdBlue pump is integrated in AdBlue tank module. Plastic.


EBS (Electronically-controlled Brake System) provides superior response, performance and brake feel, while providing access to a number of handy features. EBS is now available both for disc brakes and Z-cam drum brakes (for a selected range of axle configurations and chassis heights). 


Volvo Dynamic Steering
Active steering system with torque overlay. Delivers more steering force at low speeds, reduces steering kicks and keeps the steering wheel straight forward when braking on split friction. The steering wheel returns automatically to neutral position both when driving forward and when reversing.

Tag axles
Available in several configurations – fixed with single or dual wheels, self steered or actively steered. Axle load: 7.5, 9.5, 10 or 15 tonnes.


Pusher axles
Available in fixed and actively steered variants for both tractors and rigids. Axle load: 4.5, 7.5 or 9 tonnes.



Stretch Brake
Enables the driver to request pulse braking of the trailer. The brake is then automatically activated and the risk of jack-knifing is minimised.


ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
The brake stability system applies the brakes individually on each wheel, thereby providing stability for the entire vehicle combination and counteracting jack-knifing, rollover and trailer swing. 


The only way to really experience our dynamic new chassis is from behind the wheel. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the keys.