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Cab specifications for Volvo FH16

  • Cab measurements
  • Cab height above the ground
  • Cab features

Cab measurements

Globetrotter XXL: comfort and space

The Globetrotter XXL includes a bed that is 2.13 metres long and 1.06 metres wide. That’s 130 mm longer and 250 mm wider than in a regular Volvo Globetrotter XL. The bunk has an adjustable reclining section and adapts to the shape of your body, delivering a remarkable level of comfort. You can also equip the cab with a second upper bunk.

Globetrotter XL: built for storage

The Globetrotter XL (CAB-XHSL) also provides secure and comfortable accommodation for up to two people, but with even more storage space, thanks to its extra height. The cab's interior height is 220 centimetres (211 centimetres on the engine compartment cover).

Globetrotter cab: two's company

The Globetrotter cab (CAB-HSLP) doubles as comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people. Plus, its vertical structure leaves you with plenty of extra storage space. Interior height 205 centimetres (196 centimetres on the engine compartment cover).

Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab (CAB-SLP) with comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people. Interior height 171 centimetres, 162 centimetres on the engine compartment cover.

Cab height above the ground*

          Height A (mm) Height B (mm) Height C (mm) Height D (mm)
Tractor Drive Chassis height Suspension Tyres CAB-SLP CAB-HSLP CAB-XHSL CAB-LSLP
   4×2  High  Leaf/Air 315/80-R22.5 3430 3800  3950  3225
   4×2  High  Leaf/Air 315/80-R22.5 3440 3810  3960  3235
   4×2  Med  Leaf/Air 315/70-R22.5 3350  3720  3870  3145
   4×2  Low  Air/Air 315/60-R22.5  3230  3600  3750  3025
   4×2  Low  Air/Air 315/60-R22.5  3250  3620  3770  3045
   6×2  Med  Leaf/Air 315/70-R22.5  3350  3720  3870  3145
Rigid Drive Chassis height Suspension Tyres CAB-SLP CAB-HSLP CAB-XHSL CAB-LSLP
   6×2 High Air/Air 315/80-R22.5 3410 3780  3930  3205
   6×2 Med  Air/Air  315/70-R22.5  3330  3700  3850  3125
   6×2 Low  Air/Air  315/60-R22.5  3230  3600  3750  3025
   6×2 High  Leaf/Leaf  315/80-R22.5  3460  3830  3980  3255
   6×4 High  Leaf/Leaf  315/80-R22.5  3450  3820  3970  3245
   8×4 High  Leaf/Leaf  315/80-R22.5  3480  3850  4000  3275
   10×4 High  Leaf/Leaf  315/80-R22.5  3480  3850  4000  3275

*Approx heights

Cab Features - where the real flexibility lies. 

Four-point cab suspension 
Choose from coil springs with dampers, front coil springs and rear air suspension, or air suspension all round.


Air intakes 
Positioned on the left side in either a high or low position, depending on assignment. 


Take your pick, and look the part. Available in around 650 colour variants.


Black textile, vinyl, leather, or two-tone leather. Some seat trims (excluding vinyl and textile) can be specified to include a ventilating function.


Driver’s seat
The driver’s seat is fitted as standard with a head restraint, adjustable and fold-down backrest, vertical and fore-aft adjustment, adjustable lumbar support and angle-adjustable seat. Extra freedom comes through flexibility - the total adjustment scope fore to aft is 240 millimetres, and vertically 100 millimetres.  


Passenger seat 
Two different levels available: Standard and Comfort. Both can be ordered with optional upholstery. The passenger seats are equipped as standard with head restraints. A moving passenger seat is also available.


Built to provide a comfortable night's sleep. Bed sizes:74×200 centimetres, with 81.5 centimetres wide middle section, or 74×200 centimetres, extractable to 88×200 centimetres with 95.5 centimetres wide middle section. The bed in the Globetrotter XXL cab is 213 centimetres long. The width at head, middle section and feet are 99/107/99 centimetres respectively.


Equip your cab with a 16 centimetres mattress, with pocket springs and excellent comfort. Three options of firmness are available: Soft, Semi-firm and Firm.

We also provide two options of overlay mattress protector: improves comfort and allows you to square things away quicker.


Also available: recline with adjustable backrest, and the Upper Comfort bed (dimensions 60×190 centimetres or 70×190 centimetres).


Interior storage 
The cab contains a front shelf with four DIN-standard recesses and two large storage compartments with roller-blind doors on the driver and passenger sides.

Under the bed, you can find two pull-out drawers with a total volume of 130 litres. Additionally, there are two smaller storage compartments under the mattress at the foot (10 litres) and head (15 litres) of the bed, and a storage compartment at the foot of the bed for a PET bottle.


Exterior storage 
On both sides of the cab you'll find large storage compartments that can be opened from outside or within. An additional unheated storage space of 30 litres is available under the cab on both sides.


Sky window/roof hatch 
Each cab is equipped with a fixed sky window or an optional roof hatch that can be opened to 50 millimetres. This also serves as an emergency exit. Roof hatch adjustment can be done either manually or electrically.


Steering wheel
The 450mm steering wheel’s height can be adjusted by up to 90 millimetres and the angle can be adjusted by 28 degrees. With neck tilt (option) the steering wheel can be adjusted in vertical position between -5° and +15° - increasing the driver’s comfort.


Climate system
Three alternative climate systems allow you to control the temperature.

• Fan ventilation with conventional coolant heater.
• Air conditioning with manual control (MCC).

Make yourself at home

Get comfortable. Try the seat. The bed. Look in all the cupboards. You won’t believe how much space there is.