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Volvo Trucks

Purpose-built electric trucks for demanding jobs

Volvo’s heavy-duty electric rigids allow even more truck operations to design an electric truck just as flexibly as they do with other drivelines - and benefit from improved manoeuvrability, reduced noise levels and zero exhaust emissions.

The flexible, heavy-duty Volvo FM ElectricVolvo FMX Electric and Volvo FH Electric rigid* trucks make it possible to shift to silent and zero-emission vehicles for virtually all transport flows.

Make it easy to go electric

The rigid electric trucks can be optimised for a wide range of specialised transport assignments, including goods distribution, refuse collection and construction work. These segments often operate in city areas with shorter driving distances per day, making them particularly suitable for electrification.

With the possibility to choose the exact battery capacity needed for the job, the optimal and most cost-efficient electric transport solution can be created, supporting both business and sustainability demands.

City advantages and driver benefits

The electric drivetrain is very responsive, making the rigid trucks easy to handle in both tight spots and the shifting pace of city traffic. Because they produce zero exhaust emissions, electric trucks provide a better working environment for drivers as they are quiet. This also contributes to better living conditions for city residents. In turn, these qualities enable electric trucks to operate in parts of the city or at times of the day that may not be possible for conventional drivelines.

We see that a large part of the goods transport could be electrified already today, and with this addition of the rigid trucks we can speed up the transformation even more


Flexible electric truck solution for multiple needs

The rigid trucks can carry from two to six battery packs to match requirements for range and payload. Cabs are offered in a variety of sizes, depending on needs and operation. The extended battery and cab options enable a shorter wheelbase of down to 3,900 millimetres. This, in combination with a broad axle configuration offering, makes it possible to customise trucks for virtually any transport assignment.

In addition, three types of energy-efficient power take-offs (PTOs) further simplify the transition for both bodybuilders and customers:

  1. Electric PTO: supplying 400V AC or 600V DC, used for refrigerated transports or concrete mixers and more.​
  2. Electro-mechanical PTO: providing excellent opportunities to supply power independently at standstill or when driving the vehicle.
  3. Transmission-mounted PTO: It can be used in the same way as today on diesel trucks.

Summary: Volvo’s heavy-duty electric trucks

The Volvo FH, FM and FMX Electric models have a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of up to 44 tonnes and are available as both tractors and rigids. The range is up to 300 km, enough for most city and regional applications. However, the trucks can cover up to 500 km during a normal workday if a top-up charge is added, for example during the lunch break.

*Trucks with a single rigid chassis and added superstructure for specific operations (crane, refuse, cement mixer, cooler box trucks, etc.)

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