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In two separate tests performed by German trucking magazines, the Volvo FH with I-Save came out on top for fuel economy. “This really confirms that our hard work is paying off. And with our new engine updates, the Volvo FH with I-Save will be even more fuel-efficient,” says Peter Franzén, Product Manager Engines at Volvo Trucks.

In the tests, run by the leading German trade magazines Trucker and Transport, the Volvo FH 500 with I-Save was set against other European competitors trucks – and came out with impressive results. It won both tests on fuel economy, covering the combination of diesel and AdBlue consumption.

The Volvo truck also beat its competitors when it came to maintaining a high average speed over the long-haul test routes. In addition, the Volvo FH with I-Save scored the highest points in Trucker’s overall assessment of the total vehicle.

Volvo FH with I-Save combines high speed with low fuel consumption

“These tests are very accurate and really allow us to show what we are capable of. Our engineers have managed to combine high speed with very low fuel consumption, which is a fantastic achievement. In times of rising fuel prices, fuel efficiency is more important than ever,” says Peter Franzén.

The Volvo FH with I-Save has been in production since 2019. Its concept is to improve fuel economy as much as possible through a combination of the vehicle’s driveline, software and aerodynamics. Since its launch, many new features have been added and refined.


Peter Franzén, Product Manager Engines at Volvo Trucks


The Volvo truck used in the tests included several recent updates to its aerodynamic design in order to improve air flow, such as tighter gaps on the front of the cab and longer door extension. To ensure maximum fuel-efficiency, the truck always starts in Eco mode. “There are many small refinements that together create these good test results. And it’s very impressive that we won the tests even though the truck wasn’t equipped with the new engine. The latest updates will lower fuel consumption even more. It will be very interesting to see the result in coming trade press tests,” says Peter Franzén.

Low consumption of AdBlue

The turbo compound engine is the heart of I-Save. Among its recent upgrades launched this year, the fuel combustion process has been refined, friction in the engine has been reduced and the oil system has been improved. In addition, the engine has a new energy-saving steering pump and an improved air compressor that save fuel by building up air pressure more efficiently.
The new smart software I-Torque increases energy efficiency by analyzing topography data from I-See and adapting the driving to the actual route.

“Our engineers have looked into all details to make the engine even more fuel-efficient. We have also updated our automated I-Shift gearbox. Quicker responses will contribute to smoother driving and improved fuel economy,” says Peter Franzén.

With the recently launched refinements, I-Save cumulatively can add up to a 13% improvement in fuel economy – compared to consumption levels when it was first introduced.
Another benefit of the Volvo FH with I-Save is its low consumption of AdBlue which, like diesel, has become increasingly more expensive.

“Fuel economy is crucial for haulers, and we will continue to turn every stone to find further improvements. I’m very proud that we can offer a product that can help our customers increase their profitability while reducing their CO2 impact,” says Peter Franzén.

Trucker magazine test in short

Total test track distance: 340 km on long-haul routes north of Munich, Germany

Gross combination weight: 40 tonnes

Volvo truck specifications: Lightweight chassis, Globetrotter XL

Results: The Volvo FH 500 with I-Save had the best fuel economy. It also held the highest average speed and scored the highest points in the overall assessment.

Transport magazine test in short

Total test track distance: 93 km on long haul-routes around Munich, Germany

Gross combination weight: 40 tonnes

Volvo truck specifications: Lightweight chassis, Globetrotter XL

Results: The Volvo FH 500 with I-Save had the best fuel economy and held the highest

average speed.

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