Volvo Fan Drive System Special Offers

For a limited time only!

Volvo Fan Drive System Special Offers!

The Fan Drive System consists of a Tensioner, Idler Pulley and Fan Belt, which are specifically designed to keep your Volvo truck performing in peak condition. The main functions of the belt tensioner is to maintain the proper tension, to dampen system vibrations and to guide the drive belt. There are two belt tensioners on Volvo heavy duty engines. One is installed for the fan drive and coolant pump, and the other is installed for the drive of the alternator and air conditioning.


Volvo tensioners have very accurate design of friction elements, which start to wear out during each cycle, in order to protect the tensioner and the belt drive from vibrations. These friction elements have to be accurately machined to maintain the proper friction level, as well as ensure a predictive deterioration so that we can gauge when it is time for a replacement. If the friction element is not well designed, the tensioner lifetime will be reduced, and failures become unexpected.


Installing Genuine Volvo Parts are the only way to ensure that your truck is at optimum condition.

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