Lee Thong Hung Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd Welcomes 5 Brand New Units of Volvo FM440 into Its Fleet

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has handed over five units of Volvo FM440 6x2  to Lee Thong Hung Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd (Lee Thong Hung) recently. Lee Thong Hung, whose operations are centred in East Coast Kuantan, has been a customer of Volvo Trucks since 2013. A vehicle handover ceremony was held at Volvo Trucks Dealership in Gebeng, Kuantan which saw the attendance represented by all parties including representatives from Petronas Chemical (business partner of Lee Thong Hung), which further cemented the partnership between Volvo Trucks and Lee Thong Hung with their endorsements.


“The Volvo Trucks brand is highly notable for its safety, high performance and reliability, which are the key factors that we look for to deliver to our customers on time,” said Mr. Kenneth Lin, Deputy General Manager of Lee Thong Hung.

“The Volvo FM440 is very versatile and equipped with top-notch safety features to help us stay ahead of our competition,” he added.

All Lee Thong Hung’s trucks are signed up for Volvo’s Gold Service Agreement for hassle-free maintenance and service at the authorised Volvo Trucks workshops. Now, with Uptime Promise, it adds more value to the Gold service agreement without additional costs.

“With Volvo Truck’s Gold Service Agreement, we know our trucks will be managed by the best Volvo mechanics and only Volvo Genuine Parts will be used. As we are in petrochemical transport, it is important for us and our customers to know that the truck’s safety and performance will not be compromised during deliveries and all of us can only expect the very best. The Gold Service Agreement also helps to preserve a good resale value of the truck when we are ready to trade in for a new fleet to stay productive” said Mr. Kenneth Lin.

Lee Thong Hung Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Lee Thong Hung Trading and Transport Co was founded in 1985 to lead its Malaysian operations. The company offers extensive haulage networks in both Singapore and West Malaysia, which encompasses container haulage, transportation for petrochemicals, and bulk liquid transportation among other services.

“Volvo Trucks are engineered to meet the safety requirements of the dangerous goods segment which places great emphasis on safety and quality of containment and delivery. Our customers can always count on our trucks for productivity, uptime and safety, to transport their products to all their destination. This is our golden promise to them and their peace of mind to fulfill with their stakeholders,” added Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

“We thank Lee Thong Hung for their strong trust and loyalty in building meaningful partnerships with us. I strongly believe Volvo Trucks can only help our customers increase business productivity without any compromise on safety, which is the most essential aspect in the transport business,” he added.

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