Working hand in hand with the Ministry Of Transport

Volvo Trucks Malaysia is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Transport (MOT) alongside the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to keep industry players up to date on regulation requirement



Engaging session with MOT, JPJ, Petronas and the Volvo Trucks team in Shah Alam

IR Mohd Dalib briefing the Petronas team

IR Mohd Dalib briefing the Petronas team

The Malaysian government has always stressed the importance of ensuring road safety. With this as one of the aims of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), the ministry via the Road Transport Department (JPJ) had come up with necessary standards through years of research, analysis and industry input. These standards are frequently updated to keep abreast of changes in the industry.

In July, Volvo Trucks Malaysia hosted an engagement session between JPJ and Petronas, the national oil company, who is a prominent player in the Dangerous Goods segment. The objective of this session was to brief Petronas team on the guideline for vehicles carrying dangerous goods under UNECER 105.05 – ADR, in order for Petronas to ensure its transporters comply with the standard. Volvo Trucks was approached by Petronas to facilitate this session in view of our good rapport with JPJ.

The session was led by Professor Dato’ Ir Hj Mohamad Bin Dalib, Director of the Automotive Engineering Department of JPJ. He was key in imparting his thoughts as well as sharing the knowledge on the vehicle preparation requirements for both prime mover and tankers to ensure compliance to the standards.

The response was very encouraging amongst Petronas Fleet Management Department with 20 participants attended this session. They also took the opportunity to actively dialogue by seeking clarity, sharing their views and operation concerns.

To ensure an effective learning and understanding, we took this opportunity to demonstrate a Volvo FH13 6x2 (RAS) which was configured for dangerous goods segment, and also introduced the active safety package which will be launched in early 2019.  A tour of the Shah Alam workshop ended the informative session.




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