Safety is deeply imprinted as part of Volvo Truck's DNA. It has been our guiding principle of what we build and do. Safety is the kind of work that never stops.

As part of the effort to promote better safety awareness, we have been conducting safety trainings to the driver community over the past few years. Recently, a safe driving course was held at Volvo Truck's Malaysia headquarters. The one-day course was specially curated for our valued partner -KK Timber, with the aim to provide truck drivers and the operation team with vehicle knowledge and driving techniques on how to avoid road accidents, minimise risk, and better utilise our truck’s safety features to their full potential.

Mr. Kah Kiong, Managing Director of KK Timber was one of the 27 participants who attended the training conducted by Mr. Rosdi Ahmad, Volvo Truck’s Senior Driver Trainer. The training session was interactive and engaging with keen interest from the participants.  

“I attended one of the safety trainings last year personally and I truly believe this will help my drivers to improve their safety awareness, in return, reduce the road accidents and life losses. I am grateful that Volvo Trucks is supportive to honour this special request from us. Mr. Rosdi is a knowledgeable trainer and he has been very generous in sharing experience with my team. The entire course was informative and the topics covered benefitted us in our daily operations,” said Mr. Kah Kiong.

We are committed towards achieving our zero accident vision. We will be there to continuously share what we know, and make the environment safer for our customers, drivers and other road users – driving progress in safety.

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