'Love Your Life' - A safety event with the Lee Ting San Group

'Love Your Life' - A safety event with the Lee Ting San Group

On 23rd of March 2019, Volvo Trucks Malaysia participated in a safety event called ‘Love your Life’ organized by Lee Ting San Group (LTS) in AutoCity Prai. The ‘See and Be Seen’ safety campaign was conducted to increase public awareness on blind spots around a commercial vehicle when the cyclists or motorcyclist interact with these vehicles on the road.

The event was supported by the local municipal council, together with Road Safety Department (JKJR) and Road Transport Department (JPJ). A few safety seminars was conducted  in conjunction with the safety day by the authority. To make the learning session more interesting, the activity was broken down into two sections: Participants were briefed on Why, Where, What, Why and How accidents happen surrounding commercial vehicles on the road. Then, they participated in a simulation with an actual truck demonstration by positioning the bicycles around the trucks. They were asked to gauge the blind spots of the vehicle. The participants ended the session with the opportunity to sit in the driver's seat to see for him or herself the blind spots.

We have received an active participation from almost all attendees of the event, which include authority officers, students, teachers, employees of the organizer's company and general public. There were a total of almost 130 participants for the See & Be Seen campaign within 4 hours.

In Malaysia, around two-third of the road accident occurred involved the motorcycle. The See & Be Seen aims to reduce the number of accident involving motorcyclist through a better understanding on the commercial vehicles blind spot. 


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